We interrupt tonights broadcast…

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already heard that EFX2.com got kicked offline due to some hacked-in phishing scam. If you didn’t know that, well now you do. Keith is doing everything he can to get us all up and running again, but he is limited in his options due to the hacked site code. Until then, I suppose I will be here.

-More gaming…-

I’ve finally finished Call of Duty 2. The ending was pretty anti-climactic, even though the last battle was pretty intense. I still had fun, so no loss there. I plan to play the new Medal of Honor: Airborne, which sounds like a lot more of the same, but with a couple new tricks here and there. The demo looked beautiful and played nicely on Sleipnir, which gives me a nice warm feeling inside. Sleipnir gets a nice warm feeling inside as well, but the heat-sinks usually take care of it.

September is going to be a good month gaming-wise. Stranglehold(PC?/360), The Orange Box(pc), Heavenly Sword(ps3), Worms: Open Warfare 2(psp), My Sims(wii), and Metroid Prime 3(wii)… So much to play, so little time(and money). And I’m still only half-way through Zelda… -Out.


6 Responses to “We interrupt tonights broadcast…”

  1. WelshPixie Says:

    Hellooo! Yeah, I hope efx gets back soon. I’ve linked you from my blogspot. :)

  2. phoenixtwist Says:

    Hello! I’ve made it over here too, until EFX gets reborn… had to get a new name though, stupid people stoled mine :( (It’s Twist, by the way…)

  3. Deej Says:

    Hi there! I’m hoping to see our efx back way soon. In the meantime, I’ve added you to my links at blogspot. I am trying to put up a running list of all the efx people I come across. : )

  4. elisa Says:

    Ilham, my 9 year old son, finished Call Of Duty 2 earlier this year.
    He liked it alot!

    I’m linking you.

  5. Twist Says:

    I know I moved… I had both WordPress and Blogspot going for awhile, and then decided to quit the former. Oops :P

  6. cyclingplatypus Says:

    Greetings fellow efx2ers.

    I’m at http://blog.cyclingplatypus.com

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