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29 November, 2005

hrm… Modblog is really letting me down. It’s been a week since the last downtime update. I realize the admins have lives too, and can’t spend every waking moment on the site, but according to the news it seemed like things were almost fixed. But to go a whole week withough an update? WTF is going on?

I picked up a “The Presidents of the USA” CD at a thrift store this weekend, and I’ve really been enjoying it. I especially like “Kitty,” and have always liked “Lump.” I guess what i like most about them is the style. It reminds me of Cake.

I’ve started reading God’s Debris by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame. It’s available as a free download. I’m on the chapter “Reincarnation, UFOs, and God” and I’m almost afraid to continue. The book will really challenge your beliefs. If I don’t keep in mind that it’s not meant to do that, I might be in trouble when the last page rolls around…